Huanghua Pengfa Chemical Co., Ltd. keeps looking for formic acid, acetic acid, calcium formate, and sodium formate agent or distributor all over the world. If you are/would be the distributor, or seeking for a professional manufacturer of formic acid, acetic acid, calcium formate, sodium formate located in China, please feel free to contact us for the details.
Huanghua Pengfa Exclusive Distributor Agreement
1. Appointment, Territory, Products, Brand
1.1 Make the appointment based on friendly talking.
1.2 Key territory is Asia, Europe and South America.
1.3 The Manufacturer holds the right to sell other Products that is not listed in Exhibit A to any other parties in the exclusive Territory.
1.4 The Manufacturer will not sell the Products here listed in Exhibit A under Pengfa Chemical brand or any other brands directly to the Territory, the manufacturer will not be responsible for the goods indirectly resale or move to the Territory from other country that can not be controlled by the Manufacturer.
2. Manufacturer Responsibilities
2.1 We can provide the factory info in your local.
2.2 We will not sell the products to other customers in the exclusive Territory.
2.3 We offer a warranty 2 years(24 months) either from date of manufacture or from the generating sets be delivered. Whichever time arise first should be considered as warranty due time. For the details of Warranty scope, please refer to Annex B: Warranty and quality manual. 
3. Distributor' s Responsibilities .
3.1 A distributor is responsible for the marketing, sales and after-sales service of the products, a distributor should do best to improve the share of products in the locality and develop as more users as possible. A distributor should provide the Manufacturer with an annual report of the market, including market size, market price level and so on.
3.2 A distributor shall not purchase & marketing the products which listed in Exhibit A produced by any other vendors worldwide including China besides Pengfa Chemical.

3.3 Customer Service
A distributor shall provide customer service (including, but not limited to, technical support, operation guide etc)to this territory. If any problem of paste or ink occur during Warranty time, the exclusive distributor should handle it as soon as possible and then confirm the responsibility and ensure who should bear the expenses of maintenance. The exclusive distributor can ask for manufacturer's support if necessary.
3.4 Limitation
The distributor should observe the rule of business
Honesty and credit
Do no harm to customer and manufacture
4. Prices, Payment, Qualty & Shipmet
4.1 Ordering.
A distributor places the order,we will try our best to shipment earlier.
As the same time,distributor should notice manufactory ahead.
Give us enough time.
4.2 Pricing
We give our agent best price ,we can promise the price in low level. If you have some idea about the price suit for your market, we can discuss further.
4.3 Payments .
Usually, we do T/T and LC, after 12 months, we can do on credit.
4.4 Package and shipment.
Unless there are some special requirements from the distributor, all products ordered shall be packaged by IBC or jerry cans shipping and storage. It is Distributor's obligation to notify the Manufacturer of any special packaging requirements (which shall be at Distributor's expense).
If there is an order without any special requirements, the manufacturer can arrange the transportation under the FOB or CRF or CIF business term after the distributor paid all amounts of the product.
4.5 Quality .
We promise the quality same as our COA
If the products have quality problem, distributors should complain to manufacture after receipt of products within three working days or before installation in written form.
For each order parties, the following original documents must be delivered to distributors:
- Testing report, product catalog, operation manual;
5. Term / Cancellation
Once agreed with the contract, it comes into force,both sides should follow close.
6. Miscellaneous
If there are new challenges arising during the cooperation, should be discussed in a friendly talk and if an agreement is not reached during a friendly talk, the challenge should be judged by Chinese relevant parties.
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